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Adagio Fountains

In conjunction with Adagio we are offering the lowest allowed advertised prices available on these fountains that are made in the USA.

All Adagio Water Features© are made in the USA Adagio Water Features Authorized Dealerfrom natural materials.  The beauty of the natural materials, coupled with the tranquil sounds of running water make every Adagio Fountain a wonderful addition to any home or office.

Shipping is FREE to all 48 contiguous, continental United States and mainland Canada. For Canadian shipment please call 860-669-8855.                          Aqua Arts is an Authorized Dealer.

        Adagio Water Features offers the following style fountains:

Each Fountain is unique: They will vary in color, texture and weight. 

Weight: All weights listed on product pages include the weight of the stones and water. 

Shipping: Shipping is FREE for orders shipped within the 48 contiguous, continental United States and mainland Canada.

Custom Etching: Personalize your Adagio Wall Fountain with your logo, name, design or image. The cost starts at $495 per single stone or mirror for 1 color. It is $100.00 for each additional color. Submit your design to Aqua Arts for a quote as additional costs may apply based on complexity, detail and colorations. There will be additional fees if more than 2 proofs are required . 

Stone Selection: Select the stone for your Adagio Wall Fountain to coordinate with your décor. For $100.00 you will receive 5 digital photos of the stones that best represent your description.

Stone Cutting: If the Adagio Wall Fountain is too tall for your space we can cut it to size for you. The cost is $100.00 per stone to reduce the height of the water wall only. Some limitations apply. Please call 860-669-8855 for details.

Optional Remote Control and LED Lights:

Multi Function LED lights with remote control are available on all Adagio Water Features (except Whispering Creek and Artesian Springs models).

Simply order enough LED bulbs for your water feature model. A remote will be included with each set of LED bulbs ordered. Each socket is $19.99.

Each LED bulb is a 7 color changing light bulb capable of creating 12 different colors.  The remote control allows you to program the LED bulbs automatically to produce the color of your choice as well as the following effects:

                         Flash     Strobe     Fade     Smooth Transition


Pebble Beach Options: 

Although every Adagio Fountain comes with stones for the basin, Adagio offers an option of Polished Black Pebbles,

Pricing for this option is based on the size of the fountain:

            Whispering Creek   $19.99         Sunrise Springs       $59.99

            Cascade Springs     $39.99         Teton Falls               $79.99

            Inspiration Falls     $39.99          Cottonwood Falls   $79.99

            Artesian Springs    $59.99          Majestic River         $79.99

            Summit Falls          $59.99          Deep Creek Falls    $99.99



                      Adagio Water Fountains Limited Warranty