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F122 Jade Slate 18 Inch 2 Tier Indoor Tabletop Fountain

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Product Description

The F122 18 Inch Jade Indoor Fountain is made with natural slate so each fountain has its own texture and color. Made of jade colored slate this two tiered fountain is hand crafted in the USA by Cutting Edge Designs. Each unique fountain is carved from natural slate to resemble stone pools found in river beds making your Jade Indoor Fountain a true water sculpture. This fountain brings the sounds and sites of nature into you environment and can be used outdoors on your deck, patio or in the garden. The sound of a gentle brook takes away the stress of our busy, noisy lives. As each fountain is hand made sizes and weights are approximates.

Fountain Details

7.00 inches

18.00 inches

18.00 inches

30  lbs

Jade Colored Slate, River Stones