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1207-S Impress Indoor Wall Fountain

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Product Description

1207-S Impress Indoor Wall FountainŠ is a unique design making it stand out from the crowd. The Impress fountain size makes it perfect for a small space but it still produces the soft wonderful sound much like the larger fountains. The pump cord is feed down the longest tube so as not to draw your eye from the water falling from the two Stainless spillways into the flowing curved basin.  The artist, Nayer Kazemi, feels "...seeing, feeling and hearing the sound of water, brings peace and tranquility to many aspects of our lives." This stunning piece can be custom made in other sizes and is also available in copper. The Impress fountain is made in the USA.

Fountain Details

37.00 inches

15.75 inches

4.25 inches

10  lbs

Stainless Steel, Pump

Matte Stainless Steel